PSL Online Component Specifics
Cast & Crew highly suggests Compaq business series computers, not those designed for home use. Other "brand name" computers may be used on a case by case basis. As specific hardware may NOT work with PSL ONLINE, PC "Clones" will not be allowed without authorization from Cast & Crew Technical Support. For any questions, please contact the Technical Support department to discuss current system compatibility.

At least 2 Gigabytes of storage space should be dedicated to PSL Online. Supported interfaces: IDE & SCSI. Please note that SCSI hard drives require SCSI controllers. Adaptec is the recommended SCSI controller manufacturer.

Cast & Crew recommends HP LaserJet Series III or better business series printers. Although other printers will work with PSL ONLINE, technical support will not be responsible for incorrect reports or printouts. It is best to talk to a Hardware Technician in the support department BEFORE purchasing printers. Cast & Crew can assist in determining the best configuration for each scenario.

Although "Hayes Compatible" modems are inexpensive and plentiful, Cast & Crew will support only the modems listed on the Hardware Requirements page.

Tape drives are a requirement. After initial setup, daily backups are performed automatically by the system on a nightly basis. It is also recommended to keep backup tapes in a secure place such as a safe. Please note that SCSI tape drives also require SCSI controllers. Adaptec is the recommended SCSI controller manufacturer.


Cast & Crew recommends the use of an UPS to prevent the loss of data in the case of power failure. It is also recommended in an environment where there are power fluctuations and improper electrical wiring. This will protect the computer system and its data integrity as well.