PSL for Windows
PSL for Windows offers production accountants very powerful, yet easy-to-use production accounting software. PSL for Windows is versatile, yet simple to learn. It accommodates single or multi-user environments, handles small to medium productions and is adaptable to corporate needs. Applications are available for Purchase Order Commitment, Accounts Payable, Check Processing with "on demand" check writing, Petty Cash, Journal Entry, General Ledger, Payroll Interface and Editor, and Production Cost and Budget Interface.

Following are some of the outstanding features and attributes of PSL for Windows:
  • Multi-company, multi-production, multi-episodic, multi-currency

  • Tools i.e.: calculator, calendar and zoom windows, and dual sort pick lists

  • Field sensitive FYI message throughout

  • Mouse and keyboard independence

  • User defaults plus standard keystrokes

  • Transactional memo pad

  • Document scanning with archival retention

  • Export report data to standard industry applications

  • Payroll interface, history retained

  • Application level security

  • Client remote access

  • Movie Magic accommodated

  • On-line help

  • 24 hour support, 7 days a week

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    System Requirements